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What Exactly is Astrology?

Merging Science, the Universe, and You. This is the simplest way to explain Astrology. But, let’s dig further to really open this up.

The planets are always moving. And as they move the impact of the energy, gravity, and vibration impacts our bodies. We are mainly water. So think of the tide. The tide moves in and out with the moons rotation. 

I just find this so amazing…Seeing the impact just the moon has on our oceans and the power to move our water…

The planets have energy and vibrations that transfer to earth, as we do to them. It’s science. The magic comes from the uncountable amount of possibilities in personalities and impacts to our world every day.

Many many years ago Astrology was discovered from farmers. It was simple really. They watched their crops and started to notice on full moons and new moons they behaved differently. This was just the beginning…

As time went on more planets and stars were added. Other cultures were noticing these markers in the sky as well. They found a correlation in our behaviors and events and started to monitor them. 

This is a very brief account of how Astrology came about. It’s a fascinating subject filled with history and evolution. The learning never ends!

Which is one of the many reasons I love Astrology!

Astrology is an Ancient Symbolic Language

Armillary Sphere

What happens in a astrology appointment?

I wondered the same thing when I was suggested to get my first reading… 

This really depends on what you are seeking. In general the astrologer will request some details about your birth and any present questions you have. Once they have this information they will study your chart and schedule a time to meet or send you the reading (usually typed, but can be a video too). You can expect Astrologers to do most of the talking or sharing. 

After all…you are spending this time to learn about you.  

Below I have made a quick list of types of appointments you can have to better understand what you can ask, the type of services each offer, and how much time you want to have for an appointment. 

Birth Chart (also known as your Natal Chart)

This is the best reading to start with. Explore your self awareness. Gaining insights on your talents and gifts, the most auspicious path for you, and areas of opportunity to develop. 

Forecasting 1 Year Preview (Solar Return)

Gain insights for in depth practical insights for events in your year. Allowing you to plan and take action for your desired outcomes.


Choosing the right day for our big endeavors, can really be a challenge. Predicative allows you to choose the best date for marriage, home transactions, opening a business, publishing or releasing music, movies, website launches. 

Child chart

Unlock your understanding of your child. Covering the best parenting techniques for their souls growth and development. Learning their talents, opportunities, and traits.


Ever wonder if you are on the right career path, or which decision to make to best position you towards your career goals? That is exactly what this reading is for.


This reading will open your eyes to your energetic signatures between you and your partner. Gaining a full understanding of your compatibility and energetic opportunities.


Dive into your overall wellness.  Reviewing your physical and psychological body. Discover opportunities to optimize your health and suggested remedies to assist in the best balanced and healthy you.


How long does it take to become an Astrologer?

Honestly, in no time at all.  I have seen programs range from weeks to years. I have taken classes for a day, read a book on the subject (ok to be honest a whole bookcase of books), studied with masters, and joined certification programs. All were great!

I never understood why, why do I have to keep searching and signing up for more classes.  I wanted to stay with my tribe and keep growing together. After all, if the learning never ends, the discoveries continue…why do all the programs and astrology certifications have an end? Shouldn’t we always be seeking and learning more?

We learn astrology, and then poof, your on your own.

Astrology is not an easy subject to learn. Trust me I know. I am a vivacious reader and tried for 2 years to learn it on my own through books and searches. 

I needed a teacher. Someone who could answer my questions. Tell me what to study first in astrology. Who kept me accountable and shared the love for astrology I had. 

So when I decided to relaunch our program, I had to follow my heart. Not only did I want it to be affordable, I also wanted people to enjoy learning astrology and never want to stop. 

The best way I knew how was to bring you into my world! There is no other astrology school, astrology program, or even astrology certifications like this. We keep going!

Mandala Sun Astrology


Discover what is in your own chart and life path

Sun and Moon


Earn your certification so you can help others

Astrological Wheel


Ongoing training and deep to help you grow