Do you see Angels? I do. I saw Spirits, Angels, Demons, and some things I just can’t explain since I was little. Some I have seen, felt, or heard. The peace and calmness they bring is powerful. Since I was 4 or 5 years old, I would call on Angels for help. I know one of them gifted me the foresight I have, to help keep me and my siblings from harm.

I have many theories, which I’ll share more on later, with Angels, Gods, Goddesses, Deities, and all forms humanity chooses to worship or honor.


For now, let’s dig into these spiritual beings.

Let’s open with the belief of Angels. You will often find Angel conversations and quotes from Christians and Judaism. The belief is they are spiritual beings, appointed by God to carry out his requests and support humanity. They can have different forms from their natural state, and their natural state is not what you would expect from the images typically depicted. Angels also have a hierarchical system they follow. There are 3 categories or Choirs of Angels, this includes a total of 9 different angel types.

Please note I used the language “beings”, Angels are still individuals, with freewill. Usually sharing and showing more compassion and patience then we can or will. Everything is energy, and energy can transform. Don’t let the paintings fool you. I also suggest reading documents from these religions to better understand the accounts of Angels.

9 Types of Angels


Yep, you read that right… 

There are 9 types of Angels identified here. 

They are to assist humans through their celestial hierarchy. 

I have a thing with patterns. If you have known me long enough, you know I see patterns and that is how I connect things. 

Well, let’s just point out there are 3 tiers to the celestial hierarchy and in each are 3 types of Angels…just saying…

angel hierachies

The First Triad

This first triad of Angels is farthest from earth and their actual connection with us humans. They are considered the highest ranking of Angels. Direct servants to God. They literally contemplate and adore God directly.


Seraphim Angels, meaning “the burning ones”, also I found in my readings a while ago (I wish I could remember where) they have been called the “fiery serpents”. These four Angels are closest to God, literally in his presence. Each have four faces and six wings. The wings are to cover their faces and their feet. The remaining two available wings are for flying. Not that what they appear to look like matters much, because they shine so brightly of the most intense light, you can’t look at them. Some scripture says they are flames of light. Seraphim are the guardians and attendants to God.

Interestingly Judaism and Christianity don’t agree on the ranking of these Seraphim’s. In Christianity they are the highest-ranking angel, while in Judaism they are the 5th highest ranking.


Cherubim Angels (“cherub”), Meaning ‘the fullness of wisdom’. I must first say these aren’t the pudgy little babies with wings you see, they have 4 faces and wings. Their faces consist of an ox, lion, human, and eagle, representing the types of living mammals. They also have 4 wings, 2 to cover their feet, and 2 to fly. Cherubim are also not the lovesick Angels depicted to sell hallmark cards. They are the divine keepers of celestial records and hold the knowledge of God. Kind of important.

Now, don’t get me wrong, they can appear on earth, but only when there is something important going on, otherwise you now know where to find them. They are direct communicators with and for humans to God. So, if you happen to be in the presence of one, don’t be offended when they dip, they have important affairs to manage.

I did find 3 names for Cherubim: Ophaniel, Rikbiel and Zophiel. There used to be 4 Cherubim, until Lucifer fell from grace and was banished from Heaven.


Thrones are the final angel in the first triad. The Thrones are up for debate on appearance. I have not seen one myself, so I can’t confirm nor deny either. I’ll let you figure this out for yourself. Here are two accounts: one being glowing wheels moving with many eyes, or there is another interpretation saying they are the wise old men bowing. This differs from Judaism and Christianity. This confuses me a bit, realizing Angels don’t have genders…

Thrones name translates to throne carriers. These Angels are like governors. They act as messengers, a chariot if you can imagine, for God to carry out messages and judgements. They settle balance between good and evil, Angels of humility, peace, and submission. They are how the lower classes of Angels communicate to God.

The Second Triad


To fulfill Gods, plan in the universe. This is where we will cross over from the above Angels who dwell in the universe to the Angels now in the second triad, that are more near the material world we live in.



Domination, or Dominion Angels, meaning Lordship. These Angels are more human looking with wings. They receive orders from Seraphim and Cherubim’s and pass on orders to other Angels. The Dominion have a charge angel named Zadkiel or Hashmai, depending on belief.

These Angels keep the material universe running, governing the universe. And I mean the whole universe. They make sure everyone below them is doing their job.


Now we are getting to a little bit closer to my understanding with Virtues Angels. They are seen as light, or as human. Their main job is to patrol heavens boarders and keep out what shouldn’t be there. Consider them the operators and oversight, like making sure the stars, elements, and planets are doing their jobs. Virtues also manage earthly duties of Angels below them. These are the Angels who perform miracles.


Now you can think of the images you see of Angels. The warrior Angel. Going by two names, Powers, or Authorities. Others have seen them like orbs, or hazy gases. They assist the natural order of good and evil, Angels and Demons. The overseers of birth and death.

Powers are the most loyal Angels in our universe, working with the Holy Spirit. They safeguard humans from temptation and demons.

The Third Triad

These are the ones most connected to us and closest to us. Their jobs are to help humans. Usually what we associate with as guardian Angels, guides, and messengers. If you have attended some of my classes, you will be most familiar here. This is where you find your runners, secretaries, and guides to reach out to. They interact and serve humanity closely.


Appearing as beams of light and human looking, well except the wings. But remember they can hide their wings and simply look like humans. Principalities in form are usually seen with their wings and wearing crowns, sometimes holding scepters.

They manage power transitions such as kingdoms, states, towns, and parishes. To make sure all is going as planned. They care and guard our communities. They also give orders to other Angels to help them carry out the protection role they hold.


Ok here is another funny one with the Angels. Archangel means Chief Angel. These are the bosses of all the Angels. Why then are they so far from God and so close to us? If they lead all the Angels and have so much great power, why would they be in the third triad. Here is something to consider. They engage and are closely related to humans. They intervein. Hence why we know these Angels (or in some cultures Saints) so well. That being pointed out, you’re welcome, they don’t reside in the higher levels because they would be to far away from us. They need the amount of power they must perform their duties.

Archangels communicate between humanity and God. They carry out God’s plan for humanity, intervening as needed. Reviewing and managing the impact on all of humanity, versus just an individual.

There is a debate on how many Archangels really exist. Some believe it’s just Michael. While others believe there are 3 or 7 Archangels. I fall within the later. But hey, I just took my Angels word for it. You do you.


Just good ol’ fashion Angels. Something many of us know about, experience, or believe in. These are our guardian Angels, messengers, runners, comfort, and protectors. Around us always. You might sense them through seeing, hearing, or feeling their presence. When you pray for help, these are the ones who show up. They perform tasks to aid you, bring you messages to keep you safe and well, and they also can ask other Angels to help and give them tasks on your behalf. They can help nurture, council, and heal us.

My first encounter with these Angels was in my elementary years. I was super worried and scared. With not knowing what to do I just prayed. I asked my Angel to come be with me and to keep my room safe by taking away all evil. And just like that, my room started to glow of beautiful warm light. As I looked around my now silent bright room, my siblings didn’t even wake up to my surprise. It worked. My Angel stayed with me, explained what I needed to do to raise my vibration so I would not be in harms way, and continued to coach me on these matters. Numerous times I would call my Angel for assistance the rest of my life. Always being available and willing to make my world safe and calm.

I love Angel experiences and all they bring and do for us. If you are up to it, I would love to hear yours. 😊 Just comment below. And remember, if you ever need assistance or even if you just have questions about the universe, they will show up and assist you.

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  1. Early in my journey I found out about Jeremeil, my archangel. It turns out he is the keeper of souls through dimensional transitions and I believe he has me helping him while I sleep. It kind of explains why I haven’t remembered more than a handful of dreams since I was 10 and the sweating during my sleep.

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One Response

  1. Early in my journey I found out about Jeremeil, my archangel. It turns out he is the keeper of souls through dimensional transitions and I believe he has me helping him while I sleep. It kind of explains why I haven’t remembered more than a handful of dreams since I was 10 and the sweating during my sleep.

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