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Discover what is holding you back and take a step closer to achieving your goals

Clarify Your Purpose

Learning how You are Seen in the World and the Reason You Are Here

Identify Obstacles

Your Opportunity to Adjust for the Most Benevolent Outcome

Discover Your Gifts

Your Uniqueness and Ability to Shine in this World

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Feel more Confident and Clear on Who You Are and How to Manage Your Life

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Jessica Martin, Your Personal Growth Astrologer

Years ago when faced with my own disappointment in my life, and needing to understand what I was best at, why everything kept falling apart, and how my future could unfold, I found my first Astrologer. The insights shared gave me the ability to plan and take control of my life. 

I want to give this to You. The confidence to make decisions that are right for you and setting you on a path of clarity. 

What are you waiting for? Book Your Session Now and discover what you need to know to make decisions, gain clarity, and a deeper understanding of your authentic you.

Benefits of Your Virtual Meeting

Available Worldwide

Regardless of your location in the world we will be able to meet in your time zone

Convenience & Flexibility

Join from your phone, computer, or any personal device

Safety & Privacy

No need to travel or having anyone hear your appointment

Recorded Sessions

After your appointment your recording will be sent to you for download

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Schedule Your Introductory Astrology Session and Start Changing Your Life

What to Expect:

My first appointment I didn’t know what to expect. Each astrologer is a little different. My focus is to give you the information you need to be the best you. Understanding your gifts and talents, hiccups that might derail you, understanding of your path, and releasing you into a clear path forward.

  • Your appointment will be virtual (via zoom)
  • Your camera can be on or off (Jessica will have her camera on)
  • Session will be recorded and emailed for download
  • It’s fast paced and interactive
  • Private session
  • Time to ask your questions
  • Remedies suggested to help you achieve your desires

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