I adore the full moons and not just because it lights the farm up so beautifully. It’s a gift and magical time each full moon.  I get to burn things, which I love and makes me smile. Place my moon water outside, collect and love on all my crystals while I move them into the moon’s rays, and I get to write what I wish to burn and release. It’s a really good time actually. Many cultures recognize the moon phases and embrace this energy differently.  The Farmer’s Almanac is a great resource when looking at the Native American moon meanings. While astrologers will dive into the meaning of your moon and the impacts of the current moon. Let’s dive into a bit, shall we…

Let’s get a little technical first. The full moon happens every month, and occasionally twice a month. It all has to do with orbit. This is a time the moon literally is closer to us. And its impact is more powerful. Lasting 5 days before and 5 days after the peak of the full moon.

If you are wondering about the impact, simply look at the tide. The oceans tide is a direct tangible proof of the impact it has on our earth. Guiding the water in and out of our shores.  This is all due to the gravitational pull it has and why you also see more babies born around full moons and women’s cycles are around the full moon.

Now for a little astrology with this. The full moon in astrology is connected to our emotional body, the divine feminine. This is how we feel. As we are out in the world and taking in our surroundings and happenings, we receive this information through our eyes and “think”. But how we feel about our world is through our moon. Our own moon impacts our love life with what we are seeking, and how we handle conflict.

When we have a full moon in a specific sign, we receive this energy. On a full moon this is an energy for endings. This is a great time to stop habits, end relationships (with work, significant others, or any other type of relationship you have outgrown).  You can embrace the release of letting go and moving on much easier at this time.

Spiritually many choose to perform rituals on a full moon to harness the energy being released. Cultures all over the world celebrate the full or new moons with what has been passed down in teachings.

Six ways you might opt-in for a full moon ritual:

  1. Simply gaze at the moon and soak up all its loving energy. You will feel it if you are listening.
  2. Cleans your crystals by letting they stay out overnight under the moon’s rays. It impacts our crystals as well.
  3. Set out some moon water. If you haven’t done this, it’s simple. And amazing! Find a glass clear container with a lid. Fill it with regular water, tighten the lid, and leave out overnight. The next morning the water will taste different. It’s like moon Reiki for water! I use this for our plants, pets, and to drink.
  4. Take a full moon bath with crystals and salts, even lights some candles. Let all the negativities wash down the drain and feel refreshed and lighter when done.
  5. Writing out what or who you wish to let go of (this works for habits as well).

       *You can do this on dried leaves or paper. I also recommend you burn it if possible and release it into the night air to be carried away.

  1. Howling or screaming under the moon to release the emotions you have been holding onto. It feels so good. Just try it. 😊 You know you want to!

And finally, always remember to give thanks and gratitude when done.