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Yes, above says “Life in Your Inbox”…

How many emails do we get a week?… I lost count.

I literally sit down a few times a year and make it a point to unsubscribe to the mass amount of noise in there. 

I mean really, either you have something I’m super interested in, or an amazing deal.

Let’s not be like that.  Let’s be friends, I mean I kinda feel like we’re vibing.

I have figured out two things with y’all. 

  1. Your fricken hilarious
  2. You like information

See, this is why we get along.

I love real information, usable information, accurate astrology (for the love of God Accuracy matters!), and I love you.

Isn’t that all we need?

I promise to behave as best I can and share.

Weekly You’ll get:

  • Articles I wrote in the middle of the night
  • Astrology Forecast videos I got dressed to make
  • News and Specials I was advised not to do
  • and my well behaved mannerisms…

What’s not to love here?

Wanna be bros, join tribes, soul sisters?

Just so you know, we aren’t going for blood sisters or brothers here…there is a line…don’t cross it

Much Love, Jessica

Well you made it this far...clearly you can handle my eloquent communication style

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And for all that is holy, please add us to your safe sender list. If you don’t I can’t be responsible for them not getting to you 😉

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