Devils claw root


Devils claw root is used widely to fight inflammation or relieve arthritis pain, headache, and low back pain.


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Devils claw root

Traditional Usage: Since the early 1900s Europe has used the dried root of devil?s claw to restore appetite, relieve heartburn, and reduce pain and inflammation.

Dispensing: Often used by adults in doses of 108-2400 mg daily for 8-12 weeks. In recent research 8% of the participants had a side effect of diarrhea.

Other Names Known By: Garra del Diablo, Grapple Plant, Griffe du Diable, Harpagophyti Radix, Harpagophytum, Harpagophytum procumbens, Harpagophytum zeyheri, Racine de Griffe du Diable, Racine de Windhoek, Teufelskrallenwurzel, Uncaria procumbens, Wood Spider.

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