Spiritual Awakening Subscription Box


Get Your Monthly Spiritual Awakening Subscription Box!

There is no other Spiritual Box Like This One!

Carefully curated with everything you need and want, access to private community, monthly tutorials, and so much more!



Spiritual Awakening Subscription Box

What’s in your box:

  • 2 Candles
  • 1 Oracle or Tarot Card intuitively selected just for  you
  • 1 Cleansing Burnable (Incense, Smudges, Resin)
  • 3 Herb Blends you can use as tea or other spiritual practices
  • 1 Crystal or jewelry focused on theme of the month
  • 1 Oil, Salt Bath Blend, or Tincture, or other beautiful body care product
  • 1 Printed Instructions card



You get access to our private community to chat with like minded people.

Each month you can access our app and watch the video explaining your box, options for how to use it, and additional videos to help you design Your Practice.

(items may vary as energies for the month might suggest a different tool)


Cancel any time

Items from United States or India

Shipments start to ship on the 25th of each month


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