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If you’re dealing with or using crystals on an energy level – enjoying them for reasons other than their visual appeal – then cleaning them regularly is essential. 

It is highly likely that a number of different individuals will have touched a crystal before it reaches you. And every time your crystal is touched, it picks up the energy of the person doing the handling. Crystals, in general, may absorb and retain energy from their environment. However, cleaning your crystals will return them to their natural state and allow them to operate more efficiently for you.

Here are some of the simplest ways to cleanse your crystals once you’ve learned how to utilize them and which ones you need to use.

A full moon

Expose To Moonlight 

All you have to do is leave your crystals outside and let them sit in the moonlight for an evening. It is best done at a Full Moon when the light is the brightest, and the Moon’s energy is at its most energising. This approach is safe and efficient for all crystals.

Crystal blog

Using Saltwater to Cleanse 

If you can acquire water directly from the ocean, this works best, but adding salt to tap water will suffice if you cannot. Place your crystals in the water. A minute or two is sufficient, although you can leave them for longer if desired. Make sure to thoroughly rinse them afterward. 

This cleaning method should not be used on soft or fragile crystals since it may cause them to shatter or dissolve. Like Selenite, not use a water method with these beauties.  

Crystal blog

Natural And Running Water 

This is yet another great method for purifying the energy of your crystals. Rain or stream water will ground your crystals and neutralise any energy contained in them. Collect some natural water in a container and submerge your crystals in it or leave them out in the rain for a bit. Just keep in mind that this should not be done with soft, porous, or brittle crystals. 

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The sun’s balanced energy might assist in clearing away anything accumulated in your crystals. This one is simple; simply leave your stones in the sun for a few moments. Keep in mind crystals such as Amethyst need to avoid sunlight.  


Burning sage clears the energy in a room or place, and in the same way, it can clear the energies in your crystals. Allow the sage smoke to surround each gemstone. This is referred to as smudging. 

Crystal blog


Another approach to neutralise the energy in your crystals is to actually ground them. Bury them in the ground for a while, and they will be revitalised and ready for use again. This method is not suited for fragile crystals; instead, try it with harder crystals.

Using Other Crystals 

Certain crystals are excellent for balancing and cleansing the rest of them. Stones like amethyst and selenite are excellent alternatives. Place your crystals next to or on top of your amethyst, selenite, or other cleaning stone. Leave them there for at least a few hours. 

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If you have questions, reach out, we are happy to help! 

Enjoy your journey, 

XOX Jessica