It’s Not a Race or Destination

But why not! I want to be enlightened now. Alexis started after me, after I told her to look at what I was doing and she is so much further along…Well, good on Alexis.

We are focused on Achieving the result, we want to arrive.

And why not, it feels good, right?

You get that dopamine fix, and the task or job is done. Why do you think “adulting” was so popular. People were having wins and wanting to share…this did two things. One you felt like no matter how small or minimal the “thing” was, you did it. Plus, once you shared it, people reacted to your post or comment. It was like a double dose of feel good.

The beauty and challenge (and the challenge is real) of a Spiritual Journey is it’s not easy. It’s not over night, it’s often on your own, and some real deep stuff comes out of it. Including often changing who you have been.

Some of us accepted the path of our spiritual journey long ago. While some of us are just now “awakening”.  It doesn’t matter. Literally, It Doesn’t Matter. You started. You started somewhere on your own and made a choice. You didn’t know it was going to be difficult. You didn’t know the oppression that would come with it. You didn’t know the strength you had to have and that you would find. The courage it takes to break away.  But you did (If you could see the giant smile on my face)!

People ask me:

…the list goes on.

These are all great questions. And I have the answer. It’s the only answer…

Only you can choose.

(This is starting to sound like a mystical quest now, isn’t it…I’m so in!)

There are no stages or levels to achieve. There is no timeline because time is relevant. You will know when you realize it never ends. If you arrive, you have stopped seeking and aspiring to the ultimate connection. What you need to do next will be revealed when it’s time. Yes, some things can help you break though blocks, challenges, shadow work, or what ever you want to call it. But let me ask you this, what is the reward in seeing the end of a movie when you don’t know the storyline?

I have known people who forced spiritual growth and they eventually had to step back and heal, process, and deal with what they skipped. There is no shortcut. You are to enjoy the ride, embrace what appears, and mold yourself in time, to the beautiful being you can be.

I honestly can’t get enough of it (in fairness, you must see my astrology chart, this is my life). From yoga, meditation, rituals, chants, magick, prayer, the reading – oh the reading I do. I’m not even sure how many temples, churches, sanctuaries, circles I have been in. Everyone taught me something and each one has etched a special mark on me.

It can be a lonely journey. Sure, you can reach out to others who have experienced this or a professional who can help explain and guide you. But you and only you alone can fully understand and take each step on your own.  They aren’t in your head. They aren’t apart of your soul. You are unique and individual. You must build your strength to lift the weight.

What weight you might ask because people do ask. It’s the weight only you know. For some this could be a past life, an experience in this life. Heck it could be their very moment now that they must move through, or what unfolds in the future. The weight is your capacity to evolve. It’s as heavy as you want it to be.

I once had someone come to me repeatedly because they wanted to “see” guides. Cool. I can show you the techniques and you will have to practice this and learn to let go of your ego and accept the reality you are not familiar with. Allowing your brain, the capacity to truly see what is presented to you in a reality you are not familiar with. But until you are ready it won’t work. You must be open, accepting, observing, and present. You in?

Sounds easy enough, but it’s not. It takes practice to quiet the mind, empathy to humble the ego and accept, the integrity to connect with your heart.

Buddha puts it best (and frankly speaks so intentionally and beautiful) when saying, “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

Anything can happen now. It could be months or years before you start to understand yourself enough to mold into the “you”, you want to be. You will grow, you will heal, you will get distracted.

Distractions come from the physical present world we are in and they do in fact come from the spiritual world too. There are lessons we agreed to experience and must learn from. And for reals, look at all the distractions we have from society and from being human. Most of us must work to survive and that work usually doesn’t include meditating or praying all day. Although, I really admire these people. The key to digging through this is to stop forcing it. Accept when you choose this path, it’s a life commitment and won’t end. As you grow and crave more, you will see (insert checky smile and a slightly evil laugh). The game is never over.

My advice: allow yourself to grow, seek as much information as you can, be curious open to accepting what comes before you, and always open to new possibilities you don’t understand.

Most importantly, practice! Practice every day as often as possible.

Enjoy your journey and let go of the concept of winning.

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  1. For as difficult my journey to get here has been, it has been extremely easy to have faith in my commitment to keep moving forward towards my best self. The journey to be healed and happy and ready to help others enjoy the same. Grateful for the lessons learned and the ones that lie ahead. There is no “why” anymore, there is just what it is. Your life is only what your life is made of…peace love and light!

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