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Jessica Founder and CEO

Expand Your Intuition, Ignite Your Spirit

Dive deep into the vast oasis of new and ancient spiritual practices and knowing’s from around the world.

We are a Spiritual Intuitive and Healing School!

The first and only of it’s kind!

Bringing you teachers, coaches, and mentors from around the world! All Experts in their field of practice.

We guide you every step of the way. From which classes to take first, the live teachings to deepen your practice, and how to continue your journey, all the way to opening your own practice.

Start Your Journey with us Today and become the next Spiritual Pathfinder. 

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Hey There

I’m Jessica,

I help you on your journey to heal and grow!  With building the largest healing and spiritual school available in the world.

Now you have a safe community and space to expand your gifts, heal and grow.

Being a Natural born Psychic, Certified Astrologer, Teacher of Holistic Businesses; Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Chronic Illness Coach; Speaker and Teacher in Spirituality, Intuition, and Intuitive Leadership; I’m an expert in growing women to their Full Potential.

With my own journey of being psychic and overcoming chronic illness, I found a new effective way of healing. Helping women heal since 2018.

I’m here for you, going from disconnected, lost, and seeking, to fulfilled, high vibing, and joyful!


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