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Course Creators

Ready to teach? 

Are you a Spiritual or Holistic:

  • Practitioner
  • Teacher
  • Healer
  • Reader


Ready to take your practice and knowledge to the next level and teach? 

But don’t want to deal with all the tech, marketing, and backend to make that happen? 

I get it. It’s a lot! We know! 

Signing bowl course creator

I want to create a new reality for all of us.

I’m looking for the greats!   The people ready to teach!

Here’s the biggest common challenges I see after we grow our Practice:

  • Get the call to teach
  • Search for a way or place to teach
  • Find limitations in having to learn Technology
  • Struggle with Marketing 
  • Constrained by Finances and Time


After months and years go by. Try after try…

Still finding this desire to reach people and teach…

And not much progress is made.

We Take Care of the Pain - You Do the Teaching

Proven Teaching Framework

We have launched our highly successful framework

Happy Students

Most students stay with us over 2 years to continue learning in our app

No Worries

We deal with the marketing, the customer service, and the technology, so you don't have to

Jessica of Journeying with Jessica

I'm Jessica

Psychic, Astrologer, Healer and Coach and have been practicing for decades now. 

I dream of offering as many spiritual trainings and practices to our students as possible. Spreading love and light around the world.

Our Unique Application Process

Step 1: Introduce Yourself

Submit a video (2-5 mins). In your video tell us who you are, what you practice, and why you want to teach.

Step 2: Share Your Successes

Submit 3 references from students or clients. And send your 2nd video, pitching your training to us (2 mins).

Step 3: We Meet on Zoom

This is the interview. If you make it through the first two stages, we inivite you to a virtual interview with us.

Each step of the way we give clear instructions on how to submit. From the video link we send you for recording, to how to ask questions during the process, and where to submit your references.

Wek keep you in the loop of decisions and next steps. You don’t need to worry.

Just be the amazing light you are! 


What types of courses do you offer now?

We offer:

  • Healing programs for the chronically ill
  • Ongoing learning of Clair’s
  • Certification programs in Astrology, Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, and Life Coaching
  • Business programs to create your own practice and how to make it successful
  • Business support with done for you programs where we build your app or website and setup your techy things

What types of programs are you looking for?

You know, we are pretty open. Even if we already have a course for a practice or training, we are always looking for more. From herbalism, reiki, crystals, business trainings, even trainings to help us better understand different cultures and belief practices; and what ever we haven’t thought of.

How many courses are the same type of practice?

Great question. It depends, but the short answer is some practices have five people teaching the same thing.

They either teach it differently, or they teach different levels of the practice.

For example, different types of yoga or astrology.

Can I only teach one course?

For sure No! 🙂 

You are welcome to continue creating. You just let us know and we will support you.

Can I share my course with others?

100%! Many of us have current or past students and clients. You will be given everything you need to share your course with others.

How do I get paid?

Don’t be shy, this is a good question. And have a beautiful answer.

You get paid a flat upfront fee, once your course is created.


Once your course is completed and students start to enroll, you keep getting paid!


Your residual income, or royalties, are calculated at the end of each month. You are paid a percentage of the total number of students you had the prior month.

Nuts and bolts, what’s my part?

This actually depends on you. At a minimum you will have to be recorded teaching. 

From here the content varies on the courses. We will chat more about it during your final interview and collaborate to create something you will be proud of.

What skills do I need to have?

At a minimum you will need to have the ability to communicate verbally. Access to a recording device (usually a smart phone or computer). Ability to follow instructions and learn new things as needed.


We do have people with disabilities who are Course Creators. If there is any support needed in an area, we will do our best to assist you and find a way to make your course come to life.


Can I take appointments through you?

I love this question. It give me the opportunity to really explain how this works. 


It’s like a book deal. The product being a book (ie the course being your product), is your course. We act like your publisher. We help make it come to life and we help get it to people who want it.


We want to support you, allowing you to create. We take care of the rest. 


It’s in everyone’s best interest to support you. If we find people want to seek out your services, we are going to make that happen. 


In fact, this does happen and we simply create the opportunity for your students and others to schedule with you.