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June 18 2023

Universal Law & Affirmations

Affirmation Brain Power

There’s a reason and process behind affirmations. Besides getting “Rich”, or finding our “True Love”. Because let’s be real, you can find that in your astrology chart.

Let’s peel back the curtains a bit on our brain and Affirmations:

Our brain is way more stubborn then we realize. In fact, it’s an annoying control freak. Affirmations help program/trick your mind to reach your subconscious mind.

The brain doesn’t change easily. It likes to operate like a computer in one operating system, that was programed into us prior to birth and in our early ages. With our most influential years being roughly up to 6 years old. But as life experiences happen society molds us with more.

We want to go deeper into the subconscious mind, our subconscious mind is more powerful then our conscious mind. Hence our complex bodies that require a lot of internal communication from the brain is on autopilot “subconsciously”. Breathing, digestion, emotional responses, you get the picture.



You have to practice affirmations. Once you program your brain (take back control) it accepts this new truth and poof it happens. And it actually happens quickly, like in one day you will notice subtle changes. After a week you see more noticeable changes, and as time goes by dramatic transformation is peaking.

Conscious vs Subconscious

Repeating words and thoughts is an affirmation. Like when we were in school and had to memorize the alphabet, colors, and numbers. It was through mental anguish (because let’s be real, we would rather be playing) and repetition, embedding these to create the natural recall, second nature.

This goes for words to. We are always speaking to babies and children telling them the name of something and what it is. You stored the knowledge in your brain and recalled it when needed. Allowing you to later request a glass of water. Because that is what everyone calls it. You can see where this is going…Affirmations are programing your brain.

Our subconscious mind is more powerful then our conscious mind. This is why you have to practice it. Once you program your brain it accepts it as truth and then it happens.

Professional Athletes and performers know this. They practice affirmations every day. For years the world record was unable to be beat in a race. But then the athletes started to practice visualization and affirmations. The following Olympics the new athletes were able to break the records by several seconds! Records continue to be broken and so does the practice of affirmations. Because they program their mind that the impossible or difficult to obtain, are possible and they do it already.

Now ya’ll know it’s not actually that easy, right? Think of how often it’s difficult to start something and make it a habit. Gyms have way more memberships then actual gym rats. You have to claim your affirmation! It must be real. Something you can visualize, believe, and obtain.

5 Rules to Setting Your Affirmation:

  1. It’s like a stretch goal. It’s something obtainable, but not reached yet. Find the balance between a realistic affirmation versus an unobtainable affirmation. Meaning your subconscious mind has to believe it will actually happen.
    • Example: If you want to have good health, you can’t just say “I will be healthy and disease free”. You have to say “I have the mental constitute and discipline to live a healthier life” OR If you want to be debt free, you can’t say “I am rich and earn 500K per month”, but you can say “I have the strength and determination to free myself from debt and work harder to earn 500k a month”.
  2. You have to add action to the affirmation. Like examples above, you have to take physical action to eat right, pay off debt, etc. The Universe needs to know you are serious and motivated, working towards the affirmation. Physical energy is energy. You want all your energy in the direction you want to go or where you want to be.
    • Additional Example: Creative energy expression would be the goal posters or dream boards people create.
  3. You have to feel it. Your affirmation has to provoke strong emotions. Emotions are the most important part of setting affirmatios These are your heart and mind working together making them even more powerful. This is key and set in your intentions.
    • Maybe even make it apart of your daily practice. Candles work great this way.Make sure your affirmation targets you specifically. Not a general one or one where someone else’s freewill is involved.
  4. You can’t make anyone do anything. You only have control over yourself. We can look at the world today and know this is true.
    • Remember, FREEWILL
  5. Words are energy to. Be careful how you word your affirmation.
    • Example: if you are trying to relieve someone from the stress or anxiety of an interview and you say “Don’t be so nervous, you got this”. This isn’t actually helping them. It’s pretty much saying, I hear you, but you are being silly and should get over it. That’s not really helpful now is it?

I’m not making these rules up. They are the laws of the Universe. Go talk that through with your Guides 😆

Own It

Think about how you would act if you were a famous singer or author. Would you walk around with your head down and question spending funds, smiling at people, or be debilitated to not perform. NO! If you already achieved your goal, affirmation; you already can see yourself overcoming the limitations or fears you have.

We limit ourselves with our own beliefs. If we can remove the block, we can reach whatever we desire or think is impossible.

Growing up we weren’t allowed to say “can’t”, no joke. It was a four letter word. And followed by the lecture from Dad about how we can and to try again. Yes this resulting in some ER visits and embarrassing moments. But I always heard him lay into me when I was starting to feel defeated.

And yes, this might also be why when I anyone tells me I can’t, I whole heartedly do it anyways. Just to show them I can. 😅 Promptly followed by “you can’t tell me what to do”. My husband loves this.

So, now you know. Go think on that and make an amazing affirmation and stick to it, do all the things. And Make Your Dreams Your Reality!!