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Healthy Body - Happy Mind - Growing Spirit

What does that even mean?

There is being physically present, mentally present, and spiritually present. But this is still not the same. I practice this daily and focus on it often. Along with keeping the health of my energy aligned and practicing mindful moments. It wasn’t until this week that I truly understood.

A white flower

I continued for the last several months to receive messages about grounding and protection. It became annoying to be honest.

I continued to start each day with meditations and sadhana’s focused on present. What I didn’t realize was the synergy that is birthed from this ongoing practice and how it unfolds to bring you to a new level of understanding.

Jessica morning sadhana

Sometimes we work at these concepts to hard. Almost forcing them out of existence. As I was talking my way through this to myself (remember I’m a double Gemini, we don’t need more noise ?) I suddenly realized the understanding I had been seeking. It wasn’t about grounding, protection, focus, or presence in the concept I had. Sure I was mindful of others, showing up physically when requested, adding engagement to conversations. It was about presence in the universe!

…Mentally seeing my hand hit my forehead…

Think about this. Being present in the universe is completely different and counter intuitive from everything to this point. As you saw from my prior thoughts. This is about embracing your presence, here, now, in the physical world. While being connected to the energies all around us. It fully embraces the energies from everyone and everything.

For an easy analogy, to help that wall in your mind weaken, allowing you to have more expansive thoughts as you reflect on this idea.

Imagine a car drives by. You are physically and mentally present. Accepting that a car just drove by.

You are aware.


Try this.

Being fully physically, mentally, and energetically present, you now are aware of the cars potential to drive by and can sense it’s energy headed your way. All while feeling the breeze shift as it tunnels around the car, and the trees tighten as a potential energetic impact is possible. Everything changes, and a moment later a car drives by as you all sat there waiting for its arrival.

The impact of this “Present” thinking fully embracing so much all at once, and still being present in the moment and engaged.

Wow! Like really, wow!

Feeling this piece of my brain let go. Releasing my mind to accept this reality has so many implications and yet feels so relieving with a new peace and calmness.

I encourage you (if you haven’t done this already) to take your intuition, transition your energy. Focus on all around you. Discover a full presence you have never experienced or thought of before. It really makes the day so much more interesting.