angel in sky

They are all around us, all the time. Angels are always at ready to help and support us. Don’t get stuck in the mindset of worthiness or talk yourself into not connecting or reaching out to your angel(s). They are here to help you and want to help. The more you reach out to them and work with them, the stronger connection you will find. Allowing you the comfort of knowing they are truly here and supportive of your life and goals. This can be from finding a parking space, to getting a raise, and navigating major life decisions. Take a moment to start collaborating with your angels and build a relationship and connection you deserve.

There are so many ways to connect with our angels, including tools. Here are 5 simple ways to connect with your angels.

  1. Herbs are a great way to let your angels know you are present and ready. Legend says angels sent us herbs for healing. You can use the herbs for healing for your mind, body, and spirit. You can prepare a tea, oil, tincture, or burn them. The following herbs are the herbs of choice: rose, lavender, olive leaf, angel’s breath, dong quai (angelica).

2. Crystals are another way to always have a connection with your angel(s). Which ever color you are drawn to, use. However, there are 4 main crystals you can hone in on; Seraphinite, Angelite, Angel Aura Quartz (my favorite), or Celestite.

3. Incense is an amazing and hands down my favorite for working with angels. The scent of our Archangels Incense is specifically designed for angels. Smell is associated with our memory recall and awareness.

7 Archangels Incense

4. Cards, such as oracle decks are fantastic to start your angel journey. You would use these to gain clear messages and inspiration. We have a few of our favorite decks here: Guides, Guardians, And Angels or Angels, Gods, And Goddesses.

Angels Gods and Goddesses Oracle Deck
Guides Guardians & Angels

5. Prayer, and not just any prayer. Of course, you can always pray. However, we have found an excellent book by Tom T. Moore called “The Gentle Way”. Prayer is the simplest and most effective way to connect with our angels. Simply use the benevolent outcome prayer Tom shares in his book. “I request for a benevolent outcome for/with/to ______ (fill in the blank). Thank you.” You can even add “I request for the most benevolent outcome for/with/to ______ and may it be more then I could imagine or hope for. Thank you.” You can have unlimited requests for all matters big or small. There are just a few rules, nothing negative and only for yourself. It doesn’t work otherwise.

Keep in mind intensions are everything and always will be. With all the tools available to aid you, you only need the intension for connecting and patience. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen quickly. Quiet your mind and focus on your intentions. Pray and use the tools we suggest, if you would like.

Go ahead and start today. Your angels are waiting. 😊