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The short answer is maybe. Read on and I’ll share what led me down this path and my experience.

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Back in 1999 I became pregnant with my first daughter. I did what your supposed to do. I went to my doctor and immediately became overwhelmed with all the things I had to do and all the classes. Quickly followed by horror stories of other peoples birthing experiences. I was terrified.

I kept coming back to one thing. If bringing a soul into the world was a gift, a blessing, and a miracle. Why did it have to end in death, surgeries, pain, and horrifying legends. Yes, I’m aware I said legends. These women would tell me these traumatic events like a badge of honor.

I just couldn’t agree with this tradition or thought. I was blessed with the opportunity to bring a soul into this world and protect it and love it into adulthood and beyond. It just didn’t seem right that we would both have to suffer so much and go through so much trauma to make this happen.

Three sitting babies

I mean really, what did women do before doctors? Let the research begin…

In my research I found all over the world for centuries women delivered babies on their own or with the women tribes with great success and beautiful stories. But how? How were they able to bring this life into the world with no pain and pop back up and get back to doing?

History always shows us something to learn from. I wish we would just stop repeating mistakes (that’s another story for another day)…

Turns out the western society created the hysteria. And introducing the new religious order and medical industry into what was originally a normal or spiritual experience, depending on the culture. Seriously, did you know back in the day a woman was no longer virtuous and had sinned if she became pregnant?! I have more opinions on this than just “crazy”. She would be sent away and “managed” by a priest or nun to have her child on her own. It was to suffer from committing her sins! Yep, let the rage boil inside. It’s justified…

Could you even imagine? Not knowing what was happening, not knowing what to think. You both are now either going to die for your sin or survive a miracle. Yeah, I was a little shocked when I found this part. Which led me to research more…

In many parts of the world women were still having beautiful births. Surrounded in celebration and support from elders, friends, and loved ones. Creating an environment where they could peacefully bring this new soul into life.

I also discovered women were also just squatting in a field while performing chores, having a baby really quick, and headed back to work! I envisioned some amazing women who was able to perform such a task on her own, effortlessly, and what kind of life made her this way. I was impressed.

So here is the wrap on all the weeks of research. I went with hypnobirthing. I couldn’t justify the experience forced on us from some other people’s beliefs. I also isolated myself from the “legends” and choose a path of peace and the almighty.

I had quick beautiful births that were truly spiritual. My babies were wide awake and aware. The bond was cherished, and the delivery brought these beautiful little miracles, blessing our lives and all the lives they will touch in their lifetime.

1. You make the decision. Don’t let anyone divert you. If this is what you want, stick to it.

I was told I was to high risk. I wouldn’t make it. They wouldn’t make it. I would cause harm. It was not safe…I ditched those docs.

2. Find a doctor who believes in hypnobirthing and will respect your decision.

I literally had one doctor tell me she would let me hypnobirthing until she had to intervein because the risk involved. Um, no thanks, I’ll pass.

3. Only allow those who truly support you to be involved.

This might seem like a given. But it’s not. I had many people who either wanted to be in the room or didn’t believe it was possible. Either way, I wanted it quiet, just me, the doc and my one support person.

4. It’s worth taking the classes and hiring a hypnobirthing specialist

They won’t be present for the birthing. They work with you months ahead of time to prepare you and your baby for your big day. There are several sessions and you do get homework, but it’s listening to hypnobirthing recordings, and they are awesome.

5. Plan ahead and start early

As soon as you know this is the path for you, jump at it. It takes time. The amount depends on you. But you will need months to train and remove the brainwashing you have heard. So as soon as you know, go to and find the right specialist for you.

Oh, and just in case you are wondering. It is pain free, it is very calming, it is beautiful, it’s quick to deliver and quick to recover, safe, healthy, and the most amazing experience you will ever have. Now that is Legend!

xox Jessica