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I Can’t Meditate! Not the first time I have heard this…

Years ago, I would have said the same. We live in a noisy world with a lot coming at us. Let’s be real, the information overload and demands of life are tough. How can you quiet your mind and have no thought, really? By the time noon hits, I have already made so many decisions I must step away and clear my mind.
And like a boss – In walks Guided Meditation My first experience was back in the 90’s and it was magnificent. Now I mix these in with our daily Sadhanas. It’s very helpful for numerous reasons…
1. It’s a whole lot easier than running through your brains check list of all the things, while you’re trying to focus and calm.

2. A guided meditation can make you understand the basics of meditation more clearly.

3. It can help you get rid of all distractions and meditate more effectively.

4. Many guided meditations have a particular goal, from physical healing to spiritual-related goals.

5. Your naturally healthy state is being restored through the flow of energy freed by your meditation.

While guided meditation may be used to achieve healing or other goals, the guides are not the healers. It’s you! You are the one doing the work. We simply are helping you get there easier and faster. It’s a “practice”, so practice! Honestly, you get better as you go. For realz!

What to expect with Guided Meditations Often this is done by voice, speaking calm ques for you to follow. Some guided meditations provide around thirty minutes of relaxing music to calm the mind and body. A guide’s voice can sometimes be heard over the beat of the music to cue you on what to think of and how to stay more deeply focused. These guided meditations can be practiced alone or with a group. Here we keep our practices to 20 minutes or less. However, you can find some reaching an hour or more online through YouTube or other channels. It’s up to you what length is best. Personally, when you first start, it’s easier to work your way into longer times. Often just starting with quick breathing exercises, moving to guided, and so on.


Should I try it? A guided meditation is perfect for people who are still learning the basics of meditation. People seeking peace and calmness. If you are experiencing health problems, dealing with stress or anxiety, seeking deeper mind body spirit connections…yeah…give it a go. It’s not a drug, it’s not scary, it’s you taking back control over your brain, body, and connecting with your spirit. I’ll make it even easier! Download our app “Journeying with Jessica” and scroll down. Find the Sadhana (it’s free) and start practicing. Here you will find the link to the daily live sessions and recordings.

Enjoy your journey, Jessica