Beeswax Aromatherapy Apothecary Glasses


  • AWAKEN– Grapefruit + Spruce
  • BALANCE– Lavender + Peppermint
  • HARMONY– Pure Lavender
  • LOVE– Geranium + Ylang Ylang
  • MEDITATION– Cedarwood + Balsam
  • RADIANCE– Tangerine + Ylang Ylang
  • RAPTURE– Patchouli + Cassia
  • REJUVENATION– Sweet Orange + Clove Bud
  • SERENITY– Frankincense + Lavender

3.2 ounce glass jar


These 3.2 ounce Apothecary Glasses are simple, utilitarian candles in sturdy reusable glass jars. Made with 100% beeswax and pure essential oils, each candle will burn for 25 hours!

Additional information

Weight14 lbs

AWAKEN- Grapefruit + Spruce, BALANCE- Lavender + Peppermint, HARMONY- Pure Lavender, LOVE- Geranium + Ylang Ylang, MEDITATION- Cedarwood + Balsam, RADIANCE- Tangerine + Ylang Ylang, RAPTURE- Patchouli + Cassia, REJUVENATION- Sweet Orange + Clove Bud, SERENITY- Frankincense + Lavender


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