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Your Horoscope Emailed to You

  • Tired of “Sun” only horoscopes?
  • Looking for what is ahead for you in a week or month?
  • Needing practical remedies for the time ahead, that don’t cost a lot of money and you can do on your own?
  • Are you seeking deeper guidance from the Universe?
Sun Sign Zodiac Houses

Your membership is designed to you and is unique to each individual.

We all have busy lives and don’t always have time or the mental capacity to remember to book your astrology appointment… I mean lets be honest, we are all so busy these days, this membership takes the time and gives it back to you.

Plus, you will always get solutions to challenges ahead or for opportunities to increase abundance.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Personalized reading just for You!
  • Video recording via email per Your membership request!
  • Solutions and Opportunities highlighted for You!
  • Cancel Any time!
  • Direct access to ask clarifying questions!
  • No appointment scheduling necessary!
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Choose Your Membership Now!

Weekly Horoscope

$ 100 Monthly
  • Weekly Detailed Video Horoscope
  • Remedies and Opportunities Highlighted
  • Email for any Clarifications

Monthly Horoscope

$ 75 Monthly
  • Monthly Horoscope Highlights
  • Remedies and Opportunities Highlighted
  • Email for any Clarifications

Amazing Savings! 

Compared to $200 for 1 hour appointment!

Save Time! 

Save Money!

Gain Clarity!