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A full moon against the night sky

Here is our first new moon for 2023! And it’s in Aquarius, I’m so excited!

Why, well because it’s an air sign for thinking and it’s in a beautiful location of pleasure. So can we say, sounds like fun. You are going to be feeling the need to have fun while expressing yourself. Learning through creativity and the experiences you have. Let your originality fly!

This is a great way to help move through emotions as well right now. Being creative and thinking so much gives you the ability to move while processing. We need to trust our emotions and find healthy ways to express them. Now is your chance to seize this moment.

A constellation

You are likely to also experience some desire for finding a higher meaning to life right now. Just go with it. You are enjoying the information and it’s helping you create ideas of your own. Try to expand and open your mind.

Now, looking even deeper into this moon, I wouldn’t be kind if I didn’t share some of the energies that will jump on the struggle bus. Karma…


Yep, I said it, Karma is going to be involved with this one. But don’t worry. Karma isn’t bad. People just think of negativity when they hear karma, and this is simply a lack of understanding. So let me clear this up a bit. Karma it an opportunity. It’s a moment of our lives overlapping past experiences we have had from our own choices. So, if you had an event that was amazing and helped you, along with others, well then you will have great karma right now. If this is the exact opposite of you, well my friend, this is a time to fix it and make it right. And to add one more bit on karma, we all have it. So don’t fret.

Got you thinking about what this karma might be didn’t I?

It’s around self-control. You can let go of thoughts or engrained behaviors and instead move your energy towards spiritual enlightenment. Meaning your own spiritual values. Accept change, you had an experience when you were hurt from change and need to take a moment to process and heal this. Trusting the process of change will give you peace and stability. To dive deep into your karma, just find a time for us on the calendar here.

There is one more piece to this moon I would like to uncover for you. That has to do with your ability to be impacted by other people. Maybe you lent some funds, or entered into a contract with someone, what ever you did or are thinking of doing, take a hot minute. Think it through. Or at the very least, look at your financial situation and see how others might impact it. This is likely to pop up for you during this time. It could be as simple as covering someone’s lunch, but it could also be a situation where money is exchanged in investments, or future planning. Make sure you are choosing options that are best for you and supporting your hearts desires.