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Take Back Your Life!

Specialized in Fibro, Lupus, RA, Endro, CFS, Covid, IBS, Hashimoto, Ataxia, MS, and serving many more chronic illnesses.

We Get It

Our whole team is experienced and educated in supporting your journey. When we say we get it, we lived it! Each practitioner, coach, and employee has gone through chronic illness and are now bringing decades of experience to you!

New Life

We can keep with the "take back your life" statement, which is true. But we actually take it a step further. We want to introduce you to a New More Abundant Life. Healthy, Joyful, and More then You Could Imagine.

Integrated Quantum Healing

This isn't about one way or one solution. This is the whole you healing. Mind, Body and Spirit. Using Eastern and Western healing practices to truly heal the whole you for your optimum life journey.


Change isn't easy. We know! We did it the hard way. On our own, spending years looking for solutions. This is a commitment and journey to heal. If your ready, we are here to support you.

Ready to Heal

Integrated Quantum Healing from Chronic Illness
$ 298 Monthly
  • 6 Weeks of Training and Knowledge to Get Sustainable Results
  • Discover Your Unique Obstacles and Overcome them with our Health Coach
  • Daily Yoga that is Specifically Designed by Certified Healing Yoga Instructor
  • Expand Your Mind through Proven Effective Mindfulness Practices
  • Experience Your Mind Body Spirit Connection and How Your Healing Benefits Here
  • Meet with our Ayurveda Doctor to Start Your Unique Journey
  • Access to Private Community in App
  • Life Time Access in our App on your Phone, Tablet, PC, or Smart TV
  • Get Unstuck with Private One on One Coaching Sessions with our Certified Health Coaches
  • Ongoing Lifetime Support for as Long as You're Enrolled
  • Access 24/7 Recordings in App
Start Healing

You're Not Alone

We have a whole community of people just like you! You don’t have to do this alone anymore. 

Share your wins, get support and encouragement on the days you need it most. 

Meet with our team of trained professionals. Who practice and have experienced the scientific proof that worked for us!

Are you tired, and ready for change? Join us today and Take Back Your Life!


When do I get access?

Immediately after you complete your checkout.

Can I access from my IPhone or Android?

You sure can. Just go to the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store and download “Journeying with Jessica”. You can also access from your computer and any smart tv. We try to make it easy. 

When do I get my personalized Ayurveda Appointment?

We try to get you scheduled as soon as possible so you have a clear path forward and understanding of your journey.

I can't do Yoga, it's painful or to difficult. Is there another option?

I love this questions. Because I laughed when yoga was suggested to me. There was no way I could practice, when I had already quit my normal yoga practice due to my health. 

Here is the truth. There are many yoga practices. We don’t do the Western Yoga you typically see. We practice Nidra yoga. It’s not about muscles and stretching. It’s about healing your body and supporting it’s circulation with the mind, body, spirit connection. 

Heck, sometimes we will just be breathing and laying down together.

It’s the same yoga practice used by the military to help those returning from war.  Aiding in physical and emotional traumas. And let’s face it, for us…It’s for Real!

What exactly is involved?

It’s simple actually. Over the years of teaching hundreds of people to heal from their chronic illness we have learned a few things.

One thing a day! You will hear this a lot. 

But to be more specific; during the first 6 weeks you will experience teachings of medical studies, support tools and resources, yoga, meditation, group and individual coaching, and your wellness reports to get you unstuck.

After the 6 weeks you will continue to have access to our ongoing support in the app and lives. Staying connected with your community and continuous teachings of medical updates, support tools and resources, yoga, meditation, and group coaching.

What if I don't get results?

We are committed to 100% transparency and integrity. This being said, we aren’t going to lie or “sell you” on something unobtainable.

Some conditions are far progressed. In this case, we focus on sustainment and how to handle the setbacks while still finding your wins.

This comes from experience. We had Cancer patients heal, while another came back a few years later because they had a new diagnosis. 

With MS, Ataxia, and RA, we have been able to vastly improved lifestyles while positively supporting each individuals journey.

You will hear more about all of these journeys and more during our time together.

Is this a contract or can I cancel?

You can cancel at any time! No questions asked. In fact, you just manage this in your app. You can turn it on and off as you need.

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