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Awaken Your Spirit!

Are you a Seeker? Interested in Spirituality, Guides, Angels, the Universe?

All Are Welcome

This is not a religion nor a box you need to fit in, this is a place where all beliefs and practices are welcome. Our goal is to show you a life where you can learn and grow your intuition and connection to Spirit. No experience needed.

Change Your Life

You will quickly find you are much calmer, happier, sleep better, and have less stress and illnesses. The practice of connecting to Spirit alone changes your life and many of todays challenges become small.

The Universe is Your Oasis

Being a Spiritual Pathfinder isn't about just learning one thing and being done. It's about a life long journey to knowing of the spiritual world and all it has to offer. This is never ending. As you grow, so do the teachings.

Teach Others

You aren't required to teach others or take clients. However, if that is the path you choose you have a strong support system here and ready to guide you along the way and help you touch lives and teach Spiritual Pathfinders.

Spiritual Pathfinders Expansion Edition

Develop and Grow Your Intuition and Spiritual Connection
$ 700 One Time Payment
  • 6 Weeks of Expanding your Intuition and Spiritual Knowledge
  • Week 1: Unlock Your Foundation to Your Spiritual Path
  • Week 2: Learn to Open and Expand Your Intuition
  • Week 3: Harness Your Chakra's Energies
  • Week 4: Release Your Vibration to the Universe
  • Week 5: Liberate You Confidence & Ignite
  • Week 6: Embrace Your Spiritual Expansion Practice (created for you by Jessica): Your Personalized Daily Practice, Your Unique Stone Identifier, and Discover Your Birth Strength
  • Access to Private Community in App
  • Life Time Access From Your Phone, Tablet, PC, or Smart TV

You're Not Alone

I guide you every step of the way. We practice, learn, and discover together!

Teaching you the foundations to build and trust your intuition. Understanding your gifts and practices, building into enlightenment. 

So You can Live a Life Full of Joy, knowing, and Abundance.

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Spiritual Pathfinders FAQ

When do I get access?

Immediately after you complete your checkout.

Can I access from my IPhone or Android?

You sure can. Just got to the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store and download “Journeying with Jessica”

When do I get my personalized practice, stone identifier, and astrology reading?

This is a great question. At the end of your six weeks you meet with Jessica to review all your information. 

She pulls your Natal chart, checks in with your higher self, and requests your practice from Spirit.

Jessica shares all of this with you and sends an email with the information so you can reference it any time.

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