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Looking for YOUR horoscope?

Not just the general one, or one covering a single planet?

Maybe your tired of the cookie cutter readings, or seeking a deeper understanding of what to expect in your week.

This might be the solution you are looking for…

Learn Astrology

Wouldn’t it be amazing to fully understand who you are and those around us. 

Want to know what your week looks like for you personally?

Become a certified Astrologer Today!

Learn the meaning of the Planets, Signs, Aspects, and how the energies in our Universe work together to create your unique experience.

Discover the Secrets of this ancient language and release yourself into understanding. You can even help others on their journey in life. 


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Get Your Personal Reading

Meet with Jessica to discover Your Unique Birth Chart. 

You will receive a tremendous amount of information from who you are, your gifts and talents, and why you are here.

We find areas where you might get stuck and areas you excel. Allowing you to make decisions that are in your best interest and serving your higher purpose. 

Bring your questions and be ready. These appointments are life changing. 

To learn more about what happens in an Astrology appointment or the types you can have, Click Here.