Bliss Out Yoga


Yoga is a life style, a practice, to reach freedom and our truth. You will find we have included many yoga classes and yoga certification programs. We also offer meditation certifications. No experience is necessary and all are welcome. From beginners to CE credits, we have you covered.

Additionally you can join our popular yoga programs, or simply earn a certification. We provide the knowledge, you gain the experience.

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Bliss Out Yoga

  • Yoga Yoga Therapist 800HR
  •  Ayurveda Practitioner 1000HR
  •  Yoga Master 1600 HR
  •  Yoga Therapy Assistant 400HR
  •  Ayurveda Assistant 400HR
  •  100 + 200 + 300HR Meditation Teacher Training (500HR TOTAL)
  •  200 + 300HR Multiple Style Yoga Teacher Training (500HR TOTAL)
  •  200 + 300HR Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training (500HR TOTAL)
  •  100 HR Yin Yoga Teacher Training
  •  20 HR Prenatal Teacher Training
  •  Pranayama Introduction
  •  Open your Third Eye course
  •  This bundle allows for participation in ALL YOGA and MEDITATION LIVE CLASSES and access to all live recordings
  •  Access to Medical Doctors who will help you learn how to work with patients effectively


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